IT Security Solutions

  • With Ozyen, data integrity comes to the forefront, ensuring the right data security services are deployed and vital information is not compromised for the sake of convenience in user access. Our data security solutions help create a roadmap for enterprises, offering various engagement models that optimally used solutions to achieve maximum protection against data breaches. Our data security solutions are flexible enough to accommodate different sizes of IT infrastructures and business demands.

  • There has been an increasing realization that basic protection tools and a lack of cyber security services implementation to protect important corporate information are no longer sufficient to protect against new advanced threats. Furthermore, enterprises are under tremendous pressure to collect, review and store logs in a manner that complies with government and industry regulations. In short, implementing cyber security services today is a tricky task for IT and identifying the right one is a tough decision. With Ozyen’s cyber security services, we bring experience and expertise in the cyber security front and our plethora of services suits all kinds of business sizes and requirements.

    What enterprises need now are effective cyber security solutions to monitor and provide real-time visibility on a myriad of business applications, systems, networks, and databases. Ozyen’s Cyber Security offerings enable enterprises to build a smart and secure infrastructure and focused cyber security strategy. We help organizations take a proactive approach to ensure that they stay secure in cyberspace and adopt a robust cyber security solutions strategy.

    We provide end-to-end Cyber Security Services covering the following areas:

    • Advanced Malware Protection
    • Datacenter & Perimeter Security
    • Network Risk Assessment
    • Security Monitoring Services
    • Host & End Point Security
    • Cloud & Virtualization Security
    • Security Device Management

  • Enterprises today, need immediate, easy and secure access to information anytime, anywhere; but with effective measures of control over access and protection from threats. In the face of this constant, Identity and Access Management services have become an important part of IT planning and strategy. Businesses need to protect their valuable assets and as threats continue to evolve, Identity and Access Management services also need to be in place to prevent such malicious attacks. With the right Access Management services, IT can authorize access and grant the necessary privileges to both internal and external stakeholders. With Ozyen, these obstacles are overcome with an up-to-date platform comprising of effective and reliable Identity and Access Management services.

    Ozyen Solution accelerators along with an experienced team that has implemented several large Identity and Access Management projects, enable customers to rollout IAM solutions with optimized time and cost.

    Access Management: Advisory, implementation and support services, Risk-based authentication, Multi-factor authentication and Entitlement management.
    Identity Governance: Identity Life Cycle Management, Privileged Password Management, Access Governance.
    Privileged Identity Management: The risk of super user password handling and shared accounts with the implementation of Privileged Identity management.

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