IT Infrastructure Solutions

Ozyen offers a range of end-to-end, unified project services to help manufacturers, integrators as well as end-users of IT equipment to set up large-scale hardware and application based solutions through the integration of multiple technology components within IT environments.

Backed by a team of experienced engineers and project managers, Ozyen’s Project Services include the entire physical and on-ground deployment of technology based systems, from installation and commissioning to final testing, acceptance and post acceptance warranty support – allowing customers the opportunity and convenience to focus on their core business processes and deliverables. Customers may choose to outsource entire integration projects to Ozyen or to use them as subcontractors for any or all of the following project services.

Site Preparation

The assurance of quality as well as conformity to good site preparation practice is the first step towards the success of any installation project. Ozyen offers essential civil and electrical Site Preparation services to support the future installation and long term functionality of IT products and solutions. Specializing in the installation of complex IT hardware and application systems, Ozyen has developed critical insights and best practices in site preparation, which it extends as an additional and valuable service to partners and end users.

Ozyen handles the contractual management and execution of necessary electrical and civil works at the installation site and ensures that the facility is ready in time as per the project schedule, giving manufacturing and integration partners as well as large end users of IT products the opportunity to outsource their site preparation needs and to receive the benefit of a convenient and professional pre-installation solution.

Installation and Commissioning

Ozyen’s Installation and Commissioning services address project specific requirements and include the configuration, installation and verification of installed systems as part of the overall, existing IT network and infrastructure. Supported by extensive experience acquired through the implementation of several turnkey projects across India, Ozyen has developed significant competencies in the installation and commissioning of large scale IT based frameworks and technology systems.

The Company’s installation and commissioning team works closely with manufacturing and integration partners as well as large end users of IT products to prioritize, plan and execute the deployment of hardware and application components either within an existing IT framework or as a new stand-alone system, ensuring that the intended results are achieved at minimal cost and in the shortest time possible.

Post the installation process, the team conducts comprehensive commissioning exercises including various technical and diagnostic tests to verify response times, performance parameters and other output considerations and to confirm that all codes and protocols are loaded and functioning appropriately.


Ozyen offers scalable, multi-site and multi-technology rollout support to help manufacturing and integration partners as well as large end-users of IT products to replicate their new and established technology solutions across multiple locations and existing IT environments.

From full scale hardware migrations and installations to application and software based upgrades, Ozyen’s project managers apply proven processes and methodologies, managing and supporting a large team of on-site technicians and engineers to replicate and deploy technology systems across multiple locations.

For new system installations and solutions, Ozyen takes complete charge post testing and verification of Proof of Concept and works to ensure that subsequent rollouts across multiple locations are conducted swiftly and efficiently and in the least time possible – minimizing overall downtime and project costs and reducing the impact of the migration on the organization’s operations.

Acceptance Testing

Based on specific user needs, Ozyen defines a set of acceptance criteria which each installed IT system must satisfy before it is ready for deployment. Designed to assess each system on the basis of various parameters and benchmarks including functionality, process flow, interface, alerts and reports generated, the criteria are also useful in identifying any remaining issues to ensure the desired end-to-end functionality of the system. Once the system successfully passes the acceptance test, its ownership is transferred to the customer, completing the most essential part of the project’s deliverables.

Operations and Maintenance

Ozyen supports manufacturing and integration partners as well as large end-users of IT products at various levels of operation and maintenance, specifically post the acceptance and delivery of integration projects. These services include desktop management, network infrastructure maintenance, patch management, server management, disaster recovery support, help desk support, application installs and upgrades, testing and lab services, network management and configuration management.

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