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Corporate FAQ2021-11-16T16:14:47+05:30


Here Is The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

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CMS based Web Development2022-06-23T15:07:05+05:30

We leverage on CMS website development to achieve simple and smooth workflow for your online business. The chief benefit of CMS websites is that these don’t demand for complex and incomprehensible coding to update content on a regular basis. When your requirement is for blogs, news sites and shopping sites that demand for constant and continuous web updates we suggest web development based on popular CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, and others.

eCommerce Web Development2022-06-23T14:17:21+05:30

An e-commerce website is a dynamic website, but there is a distinction. It is possible for you to sell your goods online (over the internet) and participate in financial transactions via an integrated Payment Gateway. In fact, an e-commerce website has the potential to be the online version of your shop to make things easier.

Responsive and Adaptive Design2022-06-23T14:18:06+05:30

Our Designs are built from the ground-up to support platforms from smartphones up to PC seamlessly, allowing usability in a wide range of devices.


At Ozyen we provide you with the ability to communicate your brand identity so we can present you the best picture of your vision.

  • We define your Color Scheme and Font for use across organization.
  • We design your Logo that defines what business you are.
  • We create Graphics that best suite your business.
Static Web Development2022-06-23T14:18:45+05:30

Static website is stable with its content where every user sees the exactly same thing on each individual page. Each page on a static website is stored as a single HTML file , which is delivered directly from the server to the webpage exactly as is. This content essentially becomes a part of the design on your page, and won’t change unless the original HTML file is edited at a code level. Changes to a static website can be done manually, and will only be made page by page, HTML file by HTML file.

Static Website has advantages like Faster Page Loading Speed, Quick Creation and Potential for Enhanced Security. There are some disadvantages like Limited Scalability and Less Efficient Management.

UI and UX Design2022-06-23T10:36:33+05:30

The UI design or user interface is a series of screens, pages, and visual elements that allow users to interact with the product or service. On the other hand, UX design or user experience is the internal experience that the user has when they interact with every aspect of the business’s products/services.

We are a client-focused organization designing and creating intuitive and interactive user interfaces and experiences. We design visually stunning and user-friendly customer experiences through innovative web design and other products.

Dynamic Web Development2022-06-23T14:18:33+05:30

Dynamic website’s content is pulled on-the-fly, allowing the content to change with the user. Built using server side language and technology, dynamic website allows for the content of each page to be delivered and displayed dynamically, or on-the-fly, according to user behavior or from user-generated content. With a dynamic website all of your data and content are organized in a database or backend Content Management System (CMS), which connects to your website pages. The way this information is arranged and connected to your site’s design controls how and when its content is revealed on a page.

Dynamic Website has advantages like Easy to Update, Better User Experience and Greater Functionality. There are some disadvantages like High Utilization of Resources and Performance Issues.

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